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Compassion Tanzania ministry team has arrived in Tanzania!

CT’s ministry team arrived in Tanzania with the objective of drilling 6 new wells and visiting established well sites. We oversaw drilling in the villages of Gutumbwa and Puna, and had the privilege of dedicating both wells.  The well in Puna was dedicated in honor of John Henry Cook.

Droughts in Tanzania

Our hydro-geologist, David Theonest, reports that the drought in this area is so severe that villages have rationed water.  Families are allowed only one bucket of water per day and livestock are only watered every three days. We have had to re-drill in some if the villages because of dry holes or insufficient flow.  Please

6 New Wells

Compassion Tanzania completes 6 new wells in May and June 2016 with the help of our donors and partners in Africa: New wells in the villages of Bugando, Sayaka, Misungwi, Mwalina, Kabale, and Shishani.  

New website nearing completion

We are getting close to releasing the new version of the Compassion Tanzania web site.  Stay tuned.