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DavidTheonestDavid Theonest, is Tanzanian, Living in Mwanza Region,

He attended the collage of water development and management institute from 2010 – 2013, and been awarded a certificate diploma of Hydro-geology and well water drilling.

After graduate he works with different companies as Hydrogeology Technician in Maswi drilling company, drilling of dams and construction of agency (DDCA), and Shy builders drilling company.

He quitted on the firm that he was employed so that he can become individual consultant. As an individual consultant he has worked in different projects  which are Water supply scheme, Underground water investigation (Geophysical survey), Drilling of shallow and deep boreholes, installation of hand pumps and submersible pumps, conducting pump tests, well design, includes Reports writing.

He has supervised and monitoring the Water project of Compassion Tanzania at Magu District, and conducting Village assessment.

With great help of compassion Tanzania by saving life’s of children, woman, and elders people who are dying with thirsty, and walking a very long distance to fetch water in the lake Victoria, David Theonest has get a way to accomplish his dreams of helping people with greatest need of water.

The philosophy behind all of his desire and dreams is “water is life, life is water”