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Past Projects


Total Population of the village:  2, 113 (Male 1018, female 1,095) Number of students in school Primary school  total 590 (Male 282, Female 308) Secondary school is 185 (Male 120, Female 65) GPS Location of village Coordinates (36M 0646511 UTM 9790905) or (X=0646511, Y= 9790905) while El=1339M. Name of the AICT Mara Pastor at Nyankomogo

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Bujingwa Village

Bujingwa village is located in the Magu District, with a population of 2,753.  It is located 18 km from the paved road.  The village has one traditional water source, a hand dug well that is approximately 3 meters deep.  The water is dirty, and due to overconsumption runs dry.  The villagers depend on the Duma

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Arriving at site on misungwi village, When drilling, those two standing man one he is evangelist and one is chairman of the village. The child fetching water from their tradition well which is ending dry. This is their tradition well which the whole village depend on it. Women fetching water from their traditional well. A

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