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Bujingwa Village

Bujingwa village is located in the Magu District, with a population of 2,753.  It is located 18 km from the paved road.  The village has one traditional water source, a hand dug well that is approximately 3 meters deep.  The water is dirty, and due to overconsumption runs dry.  The villagers depend on the Duma River for water, but this year, due to drought, the Duma River is also dry.

Bujingwa is on CT’s list of priority villages.  Will you partner with us to provide clean water to Bujingwa’s 875 primary school children, their families, and its 5 widows and 15 orphan children.

Update:  9/1/2016

The drilling at Bujingwa started yesterday (29/08/2016), they drilled up to 75M, and the borehole seems to have good aquifer, which means the well has good recharge.

The drilling process and survey accompanied by;
Village chairman (Peter Enosi)
Chairman of Water committee (Philipo malulu)