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Village Name CHABULA
District MAGU
Distance to paved road: 13KM

Village Central area GPS __36M 0548798E 9707258N ELV: 1167M

This village has been categorized into the following sub-villages 1. Nyashigwe 2. Kibambe 3. Zuri 4. Nyamilama

Description of access road: THE ACCESS OF THE ROAD IS GOOD
Village Population 3126
Households 387
Widows 48
Orphans 28

How big in area is the village and where are people centrally located? SCATTERED
How are people earning money? AGGRICULTURE Recent very the village is dry

Other Village Leader MICHAEL MNANA Phone NONE
Water Committee Chairman NON Phone —-

Tribal Groups SUKUMA 99(%) JITA 1(%)

List of Schools in the Village:
School Name_ NO SCHOOL BUT THEY WALK ABOUT 25 KM TO Nyanguge where there is primary and
secondary school.

Locations GPS __0520908_°E ___9719147__⁰N Water source Type

Locations GPS ____________°S _________________⁰E Water source Type____________ Distance ___

Dispensary Name / Sponsor Non # people treated per day
(Magu Dispensary) about 17 KM. but most of them they are using traditional medicine ( Roots from different trees)

Has the village ever tried to establish a good clean water source? If so, how? And when? YES THEY HAVE A SHALLOW WELL BUT IT IS DRY

In addition to the list of water sources in the village, add descriptions for the condition of the water sources, the quality and quantity of the water at each source and how the water sources could be improved. For boreholes, try to find out the total depth, depth to water, and the flow rate, when it was drilled and by whom, etc. Take a photo of each water source.

The shallow well went dry, and the small water that recover on the traditional wells are very dirty not recommended/ fit for any domestic purposes

What is the best source of water in this village? THERE IS BOREHOLE THAT THE DISTANCE FROM THIS

Does anyone haul and sell water in the village? NO how much is it? NO

Questions for village leaders: How do you think this village can get safe and reliable water? No answers

What is the opinion of the current water in the village? What is good? And what needs improvement?
The deep well is the only solution

Is this village or church willing to donate a site for a borehole that everyone could access? –

Is this village being able to build a fence and cement slab to protect the borehole? YES

Is this village willing to a water committee to manage the maintenance fees and ensure the borehole
works for the next 20 years? YES THEY ARE WILLING. With great help from DWE office